How to use less electricity…in the kitchen

Your fridge and freezer are using electricity 24/7 so it’s worth making sure they are working as efficiently as possible.

Here we share some tips on how to achieve this.


1.     Close the door! Make sure you close your fridge or freezer door as soon as possible once it’s been opened. Avoid leaving the door open for any time as this will make the appliance work harder, using more power.

2.     Chillax. Don’t rush to put cooked food in the fridge or freezer. Give it time to cool first.

3.     Keep your cool. A fridge should be between 0 and 5°C. Buy a fridge thermometer to check as keeping your fridge at lower temperatures costs you more in electricity.

4.     Don’t overfill. Fridges and freezers work by letting air circulate so don’t overfill them – they won’t like it!

5.     Three quarters is best – for optimum energy efficiency, have your appliance three quarters full.