Security Lighting

Whether to act as a deterrent to protect you and your property from would be intruders, or provide lighting when you arrive home in the dark we can design and install a security lighting system to meet your requirements.

Security lighting works when there is movement in the detection area of the motion detector, with lights illuminating.

If you want the areas around your property to be illuminated when it gets dark then we recommend dawn-to-dusk lighting.

A light with a dusk-to-dawn sensor works with the amount of light present in its environment. As it gets darker the sensor picks this up and turns the light on. At dusk, as the surrounding light increases the sensor will turn the lights off. So, there isn’t any need to adjust any timers, even with daylight saving hours. This saves you from managing the light on a daily basis and, as the security light fitting contains an energy saving bulb, it is kind to the environment and cost effective.

Having installed security lights for homes, businesses, car parks, landscapes and schools we have the experience to provide you with the correct type of security lighting for your needs.